[Scribus] Paint or vector graphics program with charcoal drawing emulation

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Mon Dec 24 23:50:17 CET 2007

Hi Sveinn,

On 12/24/07, "Sveinn ? Felli (IMAP)" <sveinki at nett.is> wrote:
> Asif Lodhi wrote: .............
> > Another way is to create a filter yourself and save it as a brush then use
> that.
> This is the long way of trial and error many do wander.
> I saw a phrase in the Krita handbook: "But you could ? with
> a lot of work ? create a paintop that reads Corel Painter
> XML brush definitions and uses those to determine how
> painting is done." Don't know if anyone has done that but
> since the brush definitions are in XML and CorelPaint has
> zqrillions of brush effects it might be worth it.

You can save ANY drawing in Gimp as a brush which then gets loaded in
the brushes palette the next time you start Gimp - you can then click
it and start painting with it. So, if you can somehow get a charcoal
effect, save it as a brush using File/Save As option. Then it will
appear in your brushes palette the next time you start Gimp. You can
then start using it immediately. I don't know whether Gimp uses XML or
not but it doesn't matter because you don't have to know the
underlying format in order to use it - you just have to use the
"File/Save As" option, select the Gimp Brush as the file type and save
the brush (probably with .gbr extension) in your ".brushes" folder.


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