[Scribus] Scripter API

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Dec 24 14:55:33 CET 2007

> I was inspired by henning's API-diagramm. So I took it as base, moved
> some things around and added missing features (like style-management and
> color-management) that (imho) are necessary to make the API really
> powerfull and complete.
> The file is available here:
> http://public.joachim-neu.de/mixed/scribus-api-classes.png
> The current version contains all planed features except
> PageItem-handling. I'll extend it in the nearer future to make it
> What do you think of the idea?

There's some things missing, like the colours are only RGB, but thats minor.

I'm interesting in seeing a Scribus wrapper class being created that can be
called from any future scripting engine.. in fact.. I might even look into
this over the next week, ie, committing some APIs into 135SVN as a start.


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