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Joachim Neu joachim_neu
Mon Dec 24 14:36:40 CET 2007

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I was inspired by henning's API-diagramm. So I took it as base, moved
some things around and added missing features (like style-management and
color-management) that (imho) are necessary to make the API really
powerfull and complete.

The file is available here:

The current version contains all planed features except
PageItem-handling. I'll extend it in the nearer future to make it complete.

What do you think of the idea?

Marry Christmas!

Petr Van??k schrieb:
> On ne 23. prosince 2007, Joachim Neu wrote:
>> I think I got your point. So you think first we should think about a
>> generell API-model (like this one
>> http://henning.cco-ev.de/scribus/scribusapi.png) (what plugin developers
>> might want to have and how it's easy to use), then implement it as C++
>> API and after that export it to several languages by using existing
>> binding-generators?
>> Is this task already started? If so, where can I find information about
>> it, if not: I'd like to have a try. ;)
> heh, don't forget the Kross scripting -- it should be in pure Qt4 in near 
> future.
> Well, the idea of "stable API" sounds cool. But there is one big "BUT". When 
> core devels change internals, the API could be buggy. But it's easier to 
> maintain than python related stuf.
> I've seen your both UML diagrams and it looks good. But we need more features 
> included. It would be perfect when we can implement in the new API what we 
> can do in current Scripter (it looks like Henning took quite all Scripter 
> functions into his model ;))
> And more - the new API has to allow quite all of "fine tuning" settings e.g. 
> for styles, colors etc. if it could be used in plugins. We have to beware 
> of "rewritting the whole Scribus into new API".
> Of course we can implement API for basic tasks and leave the "advanced" stuff 
> as is -- forcing programmer to learn internals.
> Maybe there are some apps we can take as an example. Does Adobe ID for example 
> have any object-related scripting? MS Office?
> cheers
> Petr
> P.S.: Anyway, I'll be away until end of year so you can suprise me in some 
> nice way ;)
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