[Scribus] Scripter API

Petr Vaněk petr
Mon Dec 24 12:26:36 CET 2007

On ne 23. prosince 2007, Joachim Neu wrote:
> I think I got your point. So you think first we should think about a
> generell API-model (like this one
> http://henning.cco-ev.de/scribus/scribusapi.png) (what plugin developers
> might want to have and how it's easy to use), then implement it as C++
> API and after that export it to several languages by using existing
> binding-generators?
> Is this task already started? If so, where can I find information about
> it, if not: I'd like to have a try. ;)

heh, don't forget the Kross scripting -- it should be in pure Qt4 in near 

Well, the idea of "stable API" sounds cool. But there is one big "BUT". When 
core devels change internals, the API could be buggy. But it's easier to 
maintain than python related stuf.

I've seen your both UML diagrams and it looks good. But we need more features 
included. It would be perfect when we can implement in the new API what we 
can do in current Scripter (it looks like Henning took quite all Scripter 
functions into his model ;))
And more - the new API has to allow quite all of "fine tuning" settings e.g. 
for styles, colors etc. if it could be used in plugins. We have to beware 
of "rewritting the whole Scribus into new API".
Of course we can implement API for basic tasks and leave the "advanced" stuff 
as is -- forcing programmer to learn internals.

Maybe there are some apps we can take as an example. Does Adobe ID for example 
have any object-related scripting? MS Office?


P.S.: Anyway, I'll be away until end of year so you can suprise me in some 
nice way ;)

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