[Scribus] Bugs with Scribus 1.3.4

Fabien3D creafab
Thu Dec 20 22:36:18 CET 2007

Le Thursday 13 December 2007 03:19:26 Gregory Pittman, vous avez ?crit?:
> Fabien3D wrote:
> > Hi !
> >
> > I had been using Scribus for a couple of weeks when I decided to
> > download and install it on another computer to keep on working on my
> > document. I hadn't noticed that I had installed the 1.3.4 release - and
> > didn't know it existed since that the french website didn't provide it !
> > As the automatic saving was on, I realised I could't switch back to
> > to access my document. Now, I'm using the 1.3.4 but I noticed two
> > bugs :
> >
> > - I had built several paragraph styles baut now, every time the autosave
> > works, a copy of each style appears in the styles combo list. I opend
> > the .sla file in Notepad++ and deleted the lines titled "Copy of...". I
> > then re-opened my document in 1.3.4, but, after each autosave, a new copy
> > of each style appeared in the styles combo list.
> >
> > - Clicking in word in a text box doesn't place the caret at the right
> > place. Double-clicking doesn't change anything. I have to move the caret
> > with the arrow keys to reach for the word I want to modify.
> Using 1.3.4 is going to be problematic. Bugs being fixed are in
> 1.3.5svn, so unless you want to advance to 1.3.5svn, you'd better go
> back to
> 1.3.5+ uses qt4, so you have to be able to make that jump (you can have
> qt3 and qt4 both at the same time).
> You could try saving items in 1.3.4 to the Scrapbook, then installing
> and pull them in from the Scrapbook. You will still have to
> remake the Styles.
> Greg
Thanks for the reply ! I finally did what you advised ! It worked ! It was a 
bit long because the pictures didn't export with the picture frame.



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