[Scribus] Bugs with Scribus 1.3.4

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Dec 13 03:19:26 CET 2007

Fabien3D wrote:
> Hi !
> I had been using Scribus for a couple of weeks when I decided to 
> download and install it on another computer to keep on working on my 
> document. I hadn't noticed that I had installed the 1.3.4 release - and 
> didn't know it existed since that the french website didn't provide it !
> As the automatic saving was on, I realised I could't switch back to to 
> access my document. Now, I'm using the 1.3.4 but I noticed two bugs :
> - I had built several paragraph styles baut now, every time the autosave 
> works, a copy of each style appears in the styles combo list. I opend 
> the .sla file in Notepad++ and deleted the lines titled "Copy of...". I then 
> re-opened my document in 1.3.4, but, after each autosave, a new copy of each 
> style appeared in the styles combo list.
> - Clicking in word in a text box doesn't place the caret at the right place. 
> Double-clicking doesn't change anything. I have to move the caret with the 
> arrow keys to reach for the word I want to modify.
Using 1.3.4 is going to be problematic. Bugs being fixed are in 
1.3.5svn, so unless you want to advance to 1.3.5svn, you'd better go 
back to

1.3.5+ uses qt4, so you have to be able to make that jump (you can have 
qt3 and qt4 both at the same time).

You could try saving items in 1.3.4 to the Scrapbook, then installing and pull them in from the Scrapbook. You will still have to 
remake the Styles.


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