[Scribus] Some ideas, and some clarifications maybe.

Richard eyelagui
Thu Dec 6 04:32:49 CET 2007

Here is when my bad english becomes an obstacle, i dont know what you 
mean about this part.
> All video cards have that capability (a colour look up table or LUT), 
> but I've never seen one that exposes it directly to the user before. You 
> normally have to load data generated by a profiling tool instead.
On nvidia i have a colour correction panel and a slider for every color 
channel, maybe it's not professional, or as much accurate as it should 
but you can change R, G, and B channels individually on gamma contrast 
and brightness levels, it can also load an ICM or ICC profile.
I may not know as much as you on colour management, profiling, printing 
or maybe not understand english too good, but i do know i can make my 
screen become out of any color at all.... (or full) and believe me, it 
is awful...
My monitor, a 21" Sony Trinitron has a channel by channel adjustment 
too, among other stuff. And, if you put a colours sample or scale on 
screen you can see only some of them changing, remember screen is red, 
green and blue, so you can see cyan changing while moving on red slider, 
but not blue and so on.
Probably if you're using a ndivia card you don't have coolbits enabled, 
you may give it a try.
I repeat, i may not know as much as you on this subject but i do know i 
can handle colours so much by hand. Off course, color profiles installed 
or hand-tweaking is not the same. But i can have an approach to MY home 
printing colours at least, and with some patience maybe also a print 
shop approach, not 100% but as much as an eye allows. Repeating again, 
it may became insane to adjust like this, but when everything else is 
Best greetings...

>> also, my actual Nvidia has a channel by channel adjustment, so if i want 
>> more red, i can have it. I don't know if you meant about that.
> Nope, I've never found channel adjustment useful. It's way too coarse 
> and heavy handed, and it affects the whole brightness range without a 
> way to affect (say) just colours with only a little red.
> --
> Craig Ringer
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