[Scribus] Some ideas, and some clarifications maybe.

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Dec 6 02:52:16 CET 2007

Richard wrote:

>>> Even better if there is any software to make proper adjustments, always the 
>>> best choice is to use a color scale rather than a photo or drawing to be 
>>> sure every color gets similar.
>> That I agree with. I have no idea how you managed to adjust the monitor 
>> for just one colour, though.
> When doing that i had a Vodoo Banshee video card (that PCI monster with 
> 16MB of SDRAM running at 100MHz) and it had a color by color adjustment,

Aah, that makes sense.

All video cards have that capability (a colour look up table or LUT), 
but I've never seen one that exposes it directly to the user before. You 
normally have to load data generated by a profiling tool instead.

> also, my actual Nvidia has a channel by channel adjustment, so if i want 
> more red, i can have it. I don't know if you meant about that.

Nope, I've never found channel adjustment useful. It's way too coarse 
and heavy handed, and it affects the whole brightness range without a 
way to affect (say) just colours with only a little red.

Craig Ringer

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