[Scribus] Export to CMYK JPEG or TIFF?

SBerry sberry
Tue Dec 4 19:56:57 CET 2007

I used Krita to convert images from RGB to CMYK and then i imported all 
of them in scribus.
The project has been printed and te final result is perfect. Nice 
colors, with no distorsions...

Craig Ringer ha scritto:
> Johannes Graumann wrote:
>> Thanks for the hint - works indeed. I can see no real difference though
>> between the Krita output and the one produced by 'jpegicc' - using the same
>> *.icc ... evaluating the images with imagemagick's 'identify -verbose
>> *.jpg', I see that the channel statistics differ and the standard
>> deviations are smaller for the jpegicc case ... I'm totally new to this and
>> would appreciate a comment as to what might be the preferable solution.
> jpegicc was written as a demo program for lcms, the colour management
> engine used by Scribus and by Krita. Your results should be pretty
> similar no matter how you do it, and I wouldn't worry too much. Do try
> to use an uncompressed or losslessly compressed image format (eg BMP)
> when exporting from Scribus, though.
> I've been very happy with tifficc's output in the past. I use it at work
> to do batch conversion of printed CMYK TIFFs back to something the paper
> can use on its website - among other things.
> Imagemagick's `convert' command is also very handy.
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> Craig Ringer
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