[Scribus] Export to CMYK JPEG or TIFF?

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Dec 3 02:05:36 CET 2007

Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Thanks for the hint - works indeed. I can see no real difference though
> between the Krita output and the one produced by 'jpegicc' - using the same
> *.icc ... evaluating the images with imagemagick's 'identify -verbose
> *.jpg', I see that the channel statistics differ and the standard
> deviations are smaller for the jpegicc case ... I'm totally new to this and
> would appreciate a comment as to what might be the preferable solution.

jpegicc was written as a demo program for lcms, the colour management
engine used by Scribus and by Krita. Your results should be pretty
similar no matter how you do it, and I wouldn't worry too much. Do try
to use an uncompressed or losslessly compressed image format (eg BMP)
when exporting from Scribus, though.

I've been very happy with tifficc's output in the past. I use it at work
to do batch conversion of printed CMYK TIFFs back to something the paper
can use on its website - among other things.

Imagemagick's `convert' command is also very handy.

Craig Ringer

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