[Scribus] .sla.gz file association in Windows

Brett Shand brett
Mon Aug 27 09:45:44 CEST 2007

> Slightly off topic...Does anyone happen to know how to associate
> .sla.gz files to Scribus under Windows? By default, it launches it
> with the app associated to .gz, and "Open with..." associates
> Scribus to .gz if I specify. Is this a limitation in Windows?


.gz files are gzip (GnuZip) compressed files. Like .zip files. So you need to 
unzip them first. I use 7-zip which is freeware. Use: "open with ..." as you 
suggested to pick the programme you are using to unzip files. It's been so long 
since I've used WinZip I have no idea if it will do the job.

So first unzip the .gz file and then you'll end up with the .sla file which is 
the scribus file extension.

If "open with ..."  is not working open any folder then to [tools][folder 
options] and the select the [file types] tab and choose a programme. It takes a 
while for the list to populate.

Kia kaha


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