[Scribus] compatibility and future versions

Stewart Noy windrunner
Sun Aug 26 13:52:21 CEST 2007

Cedric Sagne-2 wrote:
> Hi Stewart
> I use it in a production environment, and for one it crashes less
> (Windows) 
> which is always great. Once the autosave is disabled (will log a bug on 
> this) the stability is really great.
> No actually 1.3.4 is brilliant for dual export. When you create a pdf for 
> screen + printer managing the bleeds is an issue because you would have to 
> create two documents (or recreate the printer document at the very end)... 
> enjoy the updates and reviews from your management !
> :: Yeah I guess I'm refering to something that I want to give to the
> :: printers... Best to stick with 1.3.3.* for that?
> It is true, my projects are small in size (less than 10 pages) so maybe
> some 
> issues I do not have the pleasure to be introduced to. I guess the story 
> editor still has problems with large amounts of text - but then it's the 
> same in 1.3.3.x right?
> :: For smaller projects only?

Yeah slows down considerably with a lot of text, and sometimes will also
have serious trouble importing a number of pages from another Scribus doc.
My major gripe with 1.3.4 is that it opens exsiting docs with an
addition of -2.8% tracking, and so have avoided it. 
I think I will give 1.3.4 a miss and instead try out a 1.3.5 dev version
when that is released (there will be a 1.3.5 release at some point right?)
as hopefully a lot of the bugs in 1.3.4 will be fixed.


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