[Scribus] Broken Glyph Using Professional Font

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Tue Aug 14 01:38:16 CEST 2007

Am Montag, 13. August 2007 20:10 schrieb Will Kamishlian:
> I'm attempting to use a professional font -- "Goudy Old Style Small and
> OSF" -- however, I cannot get it to load in Sribus. I receive an error
> that I've seen posted regarding free fonts; however, this font is not free.
> scribus -fi
> [snip]
> Loading font /usr/share/fonts/my_opentype/Delicious-Bolditalic.otf (found
> using fontconfig) Font
> /usr/share/fonts/my_opentype/Delicious-Bolditalic.otf(1) is duplicate of
> /usr/share/fonts/my_sans/Delicious-Bolditalic.otf(1) Loading font
> /usr/share/fonts/my_serif/GoudyOldStyleSmallCapsandOSF.ttf (found using
> fontconfig) Font /usr/share/fonts/my_serif/GoudyOldStyleSmallCapsandOSF.ttf
> has broken glyph 65535 (charcode 65535) Loading font
> /usr/share/fonts/my_decorative/Amethyst_Regular.ttf (found using
> fontconfig) Font Amethyst loaded from
> /usr/share/fonts/my_decorative/Amethyst_Regular.ttf(1) [snip]
> I know it's certainly possible that Linotype produced a defective font;
> however, my experience with Linotype has been excellent, and I choose
> Linotype specifically because their fonts seem to have superior on
> screen hinting.
> I've searched for an answer, and reviewed several posts regarding either
> free fonts, or about sets of non-TTF fonts that provide problems. I also
> reviewed a wiki entry about checking for font problems, but I've neither
> identified the problem, nor found a fix/workaround. I am running Scribus
> on Linux
> Oddly, several of fonts in the Linotype Goudy OS family gave me problems
> on installation. Normally, I install the fonts to a directory included
> in my xorg.conf and then run 'font-cache -fv ./' within that directory.
> Scribus finds the fonts on restart.
> In the case of the Goudy OS family, I attempted installation; however,
> several (some TTF and some OTF) failed to install within Scribus. These
> fonts worked with other programs. (I know that this is not "proof" that
> a font should work with Scribus.) When installation failed, I
> uninstalled the fonts, ran Scribus again, installed the fonts and
> restarted X. Upon Scribus restart, all Goudy OS fonts appeared except
> for the "Small Caps and OS."
> "Goudy Old Style Small Caps and OS" is the only font, of over 600 fonts,
> that Scribus reports as broken. Unfortunately, it is a font that I need
> for a current document, and a font that I will need for subsequent
> documents.
> That said, I would be truly grateful for any help. I have been simply
> happy with Scribus and prefer it over InDesign that I tried sometime
> back. The developers are to be commended for coming up with a superiour
> product in such short order.
> -W

It wouldn't be the first time that a well-respected font foundry shipped a 
broken font file. You can upload the font in a bug report on bugs.scribus net 
and set the status of the report to "private" so that only the developers can 
see it. This will prevent others from downloading the font you bought and 
using it for free.

If it turns out the font is broken, you can ask the vendor for a replacement.



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