[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.4 in Ubuntu amd64 repositories

John R. Culleton john
Mon Aug 13 01:16:39 CEST 2007

On Saturday 11 August 2007, Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote:
> * John R. Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> [2007-08-08 
17:11:46 -0400]:
> > Debian users like all other Linux users can download a tarball
> > and go through
> > ./configure make make install
> >
> > This gives you maximum choice of versions, at the cost of
> > violating the Debian packaging protocols.  I use Slackware, but
> > when I need a new or older version of some program my first stop
> > is NOT the Slackware site.  There are more/better choices
> > elsewhere.
> >
> > John C.
> John,
> You probably grind your own flour to make your own sourdough bread
> and slaughter your own cows for beef. Oh, and you patch KDE under
> FreeBSD every night before brushing your teeth and going to bed.
None of the above. If the package in a recent version comes with the 
current Slack distro then I don't look elsewhere.  Unfortunately that 
is often not the case. Some programs I use regularly are not 
distributed with any Linux distro. 

> Try to open your eyes and realize that not all users are made in
> your image. There is a time and place for every method of
> installing and using a program whether it's an automatically
> installed binary package, a source package recompilation, a
> checkinstall/xstow run, or a raw compilation from source. Your
> harping about how great it is to compile everything under the Sun
> on Slackware is not productive in all but few corner cases. Lighten
> up please.
> Cheers,
> Alex.
What I don't do is restrict myself to only that software that is 
available for me in a particular distibution in a particular form 
such as Deb or RPM or even a slack package.  It is my experience that 
precompiled programs were usually prepared for an environment other 
than my own .  Or often a program is only available in a tarball.  
When everybody is happy, I am happy for them . When someone can't use 
what they want because it hasn't yet been prepared for them in the 
prepackaged form they need then I suggest ./configure etc.   It is 
the only way I can obtain programs such as HTCOBOL or antiword. 
And it works smoothly for most other programs such as Scribus.  

If I had to have everything predigested for me I would problably be on 
Vista, not Linux. 

John Culleton
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