[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.4 in Ubuntu amd64 repositories

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Sun Aug 12 02:21:12 CEST 2007

* John R. Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> [2007-08-08 17:11:46 -0400]:

> Debian users like all other Linux users can download a tarball and go 
> through 
> ./configure make make install
> This gives you maximum choice of versions, at the cost of violating 
> the Debian packaging protocols.  I use Slackware, but when I need a 
> new or older version of some program my first stop is NOT the 
> Slackware site.  There are more/better choices elsewhere. 
> John C.


You probably grind your own flour to make your own sourdough bread and
slaughter your own cows for beef. Oh, and you patch KDE under FreeBSD every
night before brushing your teeth and going to bed.

Try to open your eyes and realize that not all users are made in your image.
There is a time and place for every method of installing and using a program
whether it's an automatically installed binary package, a source package
recompilation, a checkinstall/xstow run, or a raw compilation from source.
Your harping about how great it is to compile everything under the Sun on
Slackware is not productive in all but few corner cases. Lighten up please.



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