[Scribus] Printing a '3 Fold' Rack Card

m8130 at abc.se m8130
Sun Apr 29 10:05:20 CEST 2007

> I saved the Scribus file as a pdf - but how do I print it?
> I can't get it to print three 'pages' next to each other to make the
> 'folded' Rack
> Card. I can only seem to print one 'page' at a time.

You are not the first one to misunderstand that option in Scribus. It is
only used to DISPLAY the pages the way you INTEND to print them. It does
not perform some kind of imposition.

For a 3 fold rack card you sould have created a simple two page document
(front and back) and used guides to place everything correct.

With the document you have now you will need to impose the pages onto a
single sheet (I'm not sure Multivalent could handle this, you could give
it a try).


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