[Scribus] Printing a '3 Fold' Rack Card

Nigel Ridley nigel
Sat Apr 28 20:37:09 CEST 2007

I have just finished my first project - a '3 Fold' Rack Card.
File > New > 3 Fold
I then chose custom size of 210 x 297 (A4 paper size) and 6 pages.
I did all the design - graphics and text on the 6 'pages'.
It all looked very nice in Scribus - the 'front' page at the top right with three 
pages joined together underneath with a further two pages under them - 6 in all.
The idea being to print (on my home printer - an Epson inkjet) a double sided Rack 
Card on A4 paper.

I saved the Scribus file as a pdf - but how do I print it?
I can't get it to print three 'pages' next to each other to make the 'folded' Rack 
Card. I can only seem to print one 'page' at a time.

What am I missing?



OliveRoot Ministries


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