[Scribus] Book length projects.

Tornóci László torlasz
Thu Apr 26 18:07:44 CEST 2007

andreas.karlsson at ltv.se wrote:
> It of course depends on what kind of book you are writing.
> If you are just writing a novel, you could use an ordinary word processor,
> such as AbiWord.
> If you are writing a scientific book including index, TOC, references,
> bibliography, footnotes, etc, use a document processor, such as LyX
> (http://www.lyx.org/).

I agree, it is quite a lot of work to do these things in Scribus 
manually. However, my biggest problem is not this. It is the lack of 
_proper_ automatic justification in Scribus. I can manually set 
intercharacter spacing and character widths in Scribus, however, Scribus 
doesn't touch these when doing automatic justification, it changes 
interword spacing only. This is so much inferior to changing all three 
variables. Hyphenation helps a lot, but the problem persists. Nowadays 
you see so many publications with horrible justification, that we all 
tend to forget what _good_ justification looks like.

So I would like to see better justification in Scribus. I feel this is 
the major problem in producing lengthy texts, not the lack of automatic 
production of index etc. Others may have other opinion, other 
priorities, of course.

				Yours: Laszlo
> If you are writing a book that more looks like a newspaper or a magazine,
> with lots of different shorter and lengthier texts as well as images and
> other graphics, use a DTP software such as Scribus.
> Pick the right tool for the right task.
> Andreas
> 2007/4/25, John R. Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com>:
>> Is Scribus suitable for book length projects? Where would I look for
>> inofrmation on hypenation, TOC generation, Index generation, running
>> heads, widow and orphan supression and the like?   My early attempts
>> have looked very crude when compared to the output of TeX etc.  But
>> perhaps I am looking at the wrong tutorials.
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