[Scribus] Shortwords

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Apr 25 00:32:18 CEST 2007

Dear members of this list,

You may be aware of the fact that Scribus 1.3.4 will be released soon. 
Therefore, I avail myself to the opportunity of publicly asking your support. 
One of the notable features of Scribus is the short words plugin. It prevents 
un desired line breaks after or before certain abbreviations, e.g. Dr. or m.

Unfortunately, not all languages are supported yet, actually quite the 
contrary. Currently we have short words data for the following languages: 
Czech, English, Estonian, French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), 
Russian, and Slovak.

As you probably see, some important languages are missing. To create a list 
abbreviations for the short words file, will not take long. You can simply 
grab a dictionary in your language, since many dictionaries contain a list of 
common abbreviations. You can also try if wikipedia in your language has a 
list of abbreviations.

Creating a list of shortwords is quite easy, and you will probably understand 
how it works from an example. Here's the english list:

#  English stuff START here
en=Dr. ,Dr ,Mr. ,Mr ,Mrs. ,Mrs ,Ms. ,Ms ,Prof. ,Prof ,Rev. ,Rev ,
# claudio's fix en= Kg, kg, g, mg, oz, lb, cwt, km, Km, m, cm, mm,
en= kg, g, mg, oz, lb, cwt, km, m, cm, mm,
#  English stuff - THE END

As you can see, both lists start with the language abbreviation: en=

Then simply add the abbreviations in your language. If there must be no line 
break _after_ the abbreviation, add an empty space after it followed by a 
comma. If no line break _before_ the abbreviation is desired, add an empty 
space before. That's all.

You can make your lists available to the team by filing a bug and uploading 
your language file here: bugs.scribus.net. Please file a bug for each 

Thank you for helping to make Scribus 1.3.4 a success!



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