[Scribus] Transferring Scribus files to another machine

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Mon Apr 23 10:39:06 CEST 2007

> On a Windows XP machine, I have a Scribus file MyDoc.sla. This 
> document has many pictures, which are in two separate folders, 
> MyPict1 and MyPict2.
> I have made a copy of MyDoc.sla on a Linux (FC6) machine. When I open 
> it with Scribus, the pictures are all red X's, since I 
> haven't moved copies of all the photos.
> 1) From within Scribus, there doesn't seem to be any way to find out 
> the name or path of the missing photos. Right-clicking on the picture 
> frame and selecting Info just gives "no image loaded". Is there any 
> way to get the path using Scribus?
> 2) I have examined MyDoc.sla with a text editor, and I see lines such 
> as PFILE="../../D/S/M/P/G/MyPicture.JPG". This is the correct 
> relative Windows path from MyDoc.sla in its Windows directory to 
> MyPicture.JPG in its Windows directory. It is not appropriate to 
> recreate the Windows directory structure on Linux. Assuming I move 
> all the images to (new) Linux directories MyPict1Linux and 
> MyPict2Linux, how can I tell Scribus that is where to look for the images?


I get the same situation when moving between files created with Windows, 
then I edit them in Linux and get missing images.

One important thing to note, is to use the 'Extras', and 'Manage 
Pictures'. You can locate the images with this.

BUT, If your image has a space in it, there is a problem and 'Manage 
Pictures' doesnt seem to work. I cant find this issue in the bug tracker 
at the moment, but if you can if using Scribus between Windows and 
Linux, try and avoid spaces in image filenames.

Funnily enough I've found that once I get the images paths fixed in 
Linux, that Windows opens the file fine. So, if you create in Windows, 
but then edit in Linux, it should be ok.

Sorry for the vagueness, but this is what I do, and it seems to work for 
me. ;-)


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