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Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Apr 22 12:48:09 CEST 2007

Maciej Hanski schrieb:
> Thomas Zastrow napisa?(a):
>> Peter, you are right. It's again a problem of different resources in > different places ... a FAQ, a wiki, a documentation, ... also there is a > FAQ in the wiki.> > Could it be that it is time to clean up the parts of the Scribus website > and perhaps merge some of them into one ...?
> Let me quote from the Wiki Main Page:
> "The documentation available here has been contributed by Scribus usersfor Scribus users and is not authorised by the Scribus team ? forofficial documentation please see Scribus Online Documentation"
> So the message is rather clear: "Hey, this is just a wiki, refer to theofficial docs, if in doubt".  Our  Scribus Wiki is an highly unofficial,highly dynamic, independent exchange platform which is driven almostentirely by Scribus _users_ (like Christoph, Gregory, or Ludi, myself,and recently yourself too, to name only a few). They've spent hundreds(literally!) of hours of their time shaping it, writing wiki docs, andwhat's perhaps even more important, encouraging other people to takepart, to form a community around it. Now, at last, we've got a ScribusWiki community, and I must say I consider it itself a big achievement,something the Scribus team can be proud of. In the meantime, many ofthese people are quite familiar with using Mediawiki (it was a majorobstacle at the beginning more than 2 years ago), and are capable todevelop it in every direction they desire.
> Sorry for these overlong explanations, but they'll hopefully help you tounderstand, why the official docs and the wiki are to be treateddifferently and never merged. Either sites docs.scribus.net andwiki.scribus.net are differently licenced, have different scopes andpurposes (the  main purpose of the wiki is to get Scribus users to helpeach other with their know how in a more well formed and reusable waythan this mailing list), and are managed by different people.
> Besides, you've raised some valid questions about the structure  of theScribus wiki, but I'd rather discuss them within the Wiki (thediscussion tab of the Main page or even a separate discussion article),and not on this mailing list. Please contribute your proposals there, oreven help to implement them.
> cheersMaciej
OK ;-)

For me, it wasn't so clear that there is a clean distinction between 
Wiki and official doc. Thanx for the explanattion.




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