[Scribus] page size and printing to postscript

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Apr 20 14:13:24 CEST 2007

> After creating a document using Scribus, I changed the paper size
> with Page --> Manage page properties. Everything looked good, and I could
> export to pdf directly without any problems. But when I tried to print to
> postscript (I need prepress quality with CYMK separated colours and "Set
> media size" is checked), the page was clipped to the original page size.
> solution was to change the page size in File --> Document settings as
> So the page size can be altered in two places, which may cause confusion
> it did with me). Will this be corrected in future releases?

Page size needs to be modifiable in both places to enable a standard page
size for a document, and also in page properties. This enables you to have
multiple page sizes in one document.

> Another note: "Set media size" only works for postscript level 3 (which
> me is not a problem, but may be disconcerting if you by chance have
> postscript level chosen, and don't know what the problem is :-)

If you can put in a bugs to request the clarification of the media size for
both export and also for the PS level restriction, that would be good.

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