[Scribus] Colour Swatch and more questions

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Apr 18 12:39:27 CEST 2007

Cedric Sagne wrote:

> About your previous reply about photos I have to admit you lost me.
> Did you mean that it could be possible to insert an image in RGB space, 
> export with a specific ICC profile and the colours would come out right on 
> paper?

That's the theory. With a good ICC profile for your press, and a photo
that's tagged with a profile that correctly indicates its colour space,
you should get the same results as if you converted it using Photoshop
with a press profile and then embedded the resulting CMYK image
untransformed in your final PDF. Of course, if you do lots of
hand-tweaking after the CMYK conversion, that's no longer true ... but
most people do their colour correction and then do a CMYK conversion as
a final step before saving the image and embedding it in the DTP document.

My work is currently using the latter workflow, but we're testing an ICC
based workflow at the moment and it's looking pretty good so far -
results are similar to what we're seeing from the hand-converted images,
but it's significantly less work.

> If I understand well, you could choose "ICC for coated paper" and could 
> trust the file will be taken in alright?

If your press is close enough to that profile, yes. Ideally you should
get a profile from your printer that better matches their specific press
characteristics. Some printers will know what you're talking about when
you ask for an ICC profile and can send you one; some will go cross-eyed
and say "huh"?

Craig Ringer

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