[Scribus] Some remarks on the wiki

Thomas Zastrow listen
Tue Apr 17 21:21:38 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Thomas Zastrow wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> when looking at the wiki, I have some remarks, just my two cents ;-)
>> 1.)
>> HOWTOs, Tips and FAQ ... is there realy a clear distinction between
>> these three types? OK, the FAQa are in the form of questions, but I
>> realy can't see a meaningful distinction between tips and HOWTOs ..?
>> Wouldn't it be better to subsume them? That would make it easier for
>> beginners to find what they are looking for.
> My thinking is that what the site needs is an index. No matter what you
> might call this or that category, what you might call the title of an
> article, there needs to be a way to find things by topic or some aspect
> of the content. There is a lot of overlap in what various articles are
> about, but each has its own need.

I agree. What the most actual wiki engines are missing, is a fulltext
search. Perhaps Lucene could do this job:


> I realize this is a big task, which is why I haven't been able to get
> the momentum going to start it (that, and a bout of herpes zoster).
> Perhaps the upcoming LGM2 is the impetus I need to have some basic
> skeleton at least begun by then.
> As I look at other projects' wikis, I have to say that the Scribus wiki
> is quite rich in useful information.
Again, I totaly agree ;-)

But this wouldn't resolve the problem of empty links directly on the
start page ...




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