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joel edmondson toccata1726
Mon Apr 16 23:41:44 CEST 2007

Hi I have just subscribed to your mailing list. I have downloaded Scribus and have started using it. I must say that its a great program. Its just what I was looking for. Nvu while good for general  web layout is a little less intuitive for article layout and creative article layout. I made my first article with Scribus withing 10 minutes. Now I only have one small problem, and I hope its small. How do I get it onto my website. I have a Joomla website, and want to put this article into my Joomla News extension. I don't want to put it in as a pdf, nor as a gif or jpg. If some one has some suggestions Iam all ears. Please tell me that I don't have to put it into gimp as an image, and then into Nvu where I can get the html or css code. That would be alot of work. Thanks in anticipation

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