[Scribus] Some remarks on the wiki

Thomas Zastrow listen
Mon Apr 16 21:13:04 CEST 2007

Hi there,

when looking at the wiki, I have some remarks, just my two cents ;-)

HOWTOs, Tips and FAQ ... is there realy a clear distinction between
these three types? OK, the FAQa are in the form of questions, but I
realy can't see a meaningful distinction between tips and HOWTOs ..?
Wouldn't it be better to subsume them? That would make it easier for
beginners to find what they are looking for.

Community Portal, Current events and Help are empty. Do we realy need
these topics? Especially Help, isn't that the same as Tips and HOWTOs?

Some months ago, I already asked these questions here in the mailing
list but got no response ... so I try it again ;-)




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