[Scribus] This error message... and introductory post

P!^VP 0!Z!^VP daviddivizio
Fri Apr 13 04:08:38 CEST 2007

> Instead, safe to disk and use
> "Open with..." from the context menu

How's that?  Sorry.

I get parts of what you say here, Andreas, but until I get the language  
it's going to be a bit of a slog...
Thanks or the detail.  I'm supposing it;'s the explanaiton of "Safe" dl  
files assumed.. or NOT.. if one were attentive to a few details


> P!^VP 0!Z!^VP wrote:
>> Safari can?t open the file ?scribus-1- because no
>> available application can open it."
> This file with ending ".sig" contains a digital signature which can be  
> used
> to check the binary file you downloaded, in this case
> "scribus-1-". You can open the .sig file with TextEdit  
> and
> lots of other programs, but no program told OSX that it's keen on  
> opening
> .sig files, so a doubleclick will not work. Instead, safe to disk and  
> use
> "Open with..." from the context menu. While you are at it you can  
> check the
> box "Always open these with ...", so the next time a doubleclick on a  
> .sig
> file will open TextEdit (or whatever you choose).
> The idea behind all this is that you download some valueable data
> (scribus-1- and want to check that it's not corrupted.  
> There
> are several ways to generate a signature (that's some short text of
> seemingly random chars and numbers)  for this binary data, eg. SHA and  
> MD5.
> So you download the binary data, generate the signature locally with an
> appropiate commmandline tool, and compare it to the signature posted  
> on the
> side where you downloaded the data.
> Or you feel careless and optimistic and skip the whole signature part.  
> :-)
> Files with ending ".tar.bz2" can be unpacked with StuffIt Expander. In  
> fact
> this is a two-step procedure: first it is uncompressed using the BZIP2
> method to get a (large) file with ending ".tar", then all files in that
> ".tar" file are extracted and placed in a folder. Unfortunately this  
> large
> ".tar" file stays lying around when you use StuffIt Expander, so you  
> might
> want to trash it manually after unpacking.
> Btw, scribus- contains the Scribus sourcecode. You  
> probably
> want ScribusAqua-, which unpacks into an application  
> bundle
> named "Scribus.app".
> /Andreas
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