[Scribus] Foxit Reader and Scribus

heathenx heathenx
Thu Apr 12 13:07:41 CEST 2007

Marcin Segit wrote the following on 4/12/2007 4:44 AM:
> Hi
> I'm using Foxit Reader for opening PDF documents. But with PDF created
> with Scribus there's a problem. Each page of such file when displayed
> is "refreshed" several times, like re-drawing some layers (first
> background, then text, then graphics). It's really annoing with long
> documents, because I have to wait a couple of seconds before I can
> scroll to the next page.
> Of course I'll ask about that issue on Foxit Reader's forum, but I'm
> also asking here, because no other PDF "outpout engine" (Distiller,
> PDFCreator, anything) makes such problems. Can it be something with
> the way Scribus generates PDFs or is it somethiong with my reader?

I have noticed similar behavior with some of my Scribus projects, currently the one I working on 
now. I use Adobe Acrobat 7 as my PDF viewer while in Windows. My PDF's display in Acrobat like I 
have a dial-up connection to the Internet. Foxit is the same.

What make up my Scribus documents are placed PDF's as image files. The image PDF's are small in size 
and the more I add to my document the slower Scribus gets when exporting out to a final PDF file for 

I made a screencast of the problem if anyone is interested.


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