[Scribus] Foxit Reader and Scribus

Marcin Segit seji
Thu Apr 12 10:44:26 CEST 2007


I'm using Foxit Reader for opening PDF documents. But with PDF created
with Scribus there's a problem. Each page of such file when displayed
is "refreshed" several times, like re-drawing some layers (first
background, then text, then graphics). It's really annoing with long
documents, because I have to wait a couple of seconds before I can
scroll to the next page.

Of course I'll ask about that issue on Foxit Reader's forum, but I'm
also asking here, because no other PDF "outpout engine" (Distiller,
PDFCreator, anything) makes such problems. Can it be something with
the way Scribus generates PDFs or is it somethiong with my reader?

PS. I'm just a lurker here, watiching and learning. This is my first
mail here, so Hello Everyone! I'm a freelance journalist with some
editor/publisher experience and now I try to learn a bit on DTP as
Marcin 'Seji' Segit seji at onet.pl
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