[Scribus] Fonts in PDF form fields (Was: Re: Scribus Digest, Vol 50, Issue 8)

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Wed Apr 4 22:42:14 CEST 2007

avox napisa?(a):
> MaHan wrote:
>> To my knowledge, it's not an Adobe/PDF limitation,
>> it's a limitation of Scribus 1.2.* and 1.3.3.* series
>> which has been successfully fixed by Fschmid in the
>> 1.3.4cvs branch --  please read this bug report with
>> the included notes and open one  of the test PDF forms
>> I've attached to it (e.g. the last one):
>> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=3282
> It was a limitation upto PDF format 1.3, but 1.4 and later support it.
> Scribus had the above mentioned bug with that though, which is only fixed in
> latest
> Also note that the you use the normal Properties Palette for setting the
> font. 

It hasn't been fixed in, there is no stable release which
supports this feature. Fschmid has recently committed a fix for it in
the, but due to the broken kerning  of fonts in PDF form
fields  it's unusable anyway. It is only fixed in 1.3.4cvs for the time


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