[Scribus] which font to use

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Apr 4 14:53:58 CEST 2007

william f. maddock wrote:
> Personally, I have found that long documents using nothing but
> sans-serif tend to be rather painful on the eye. Unfortunately, you
> seem to be stuck in a place where they'll pay a ton for software and
> then refuse to do any kind of research on which of the tons of fonts
> that came with the software actually look the best and are easiest on
> the eye. If you can get away with changing the font without them
> noticing there won't be any questions, but if they do notice, the one
> making the change might have to hide under their desk ("but, we've
> always done it this way").
The reason serif fonts were developed was for legibility, especially
with smaller size. Nonetheless, this can be a hard argument to get
across on an intellectual level, so as a variant of what william is
saying, sometimes making up two versions, one in sans, one in serif, so
that people can see for themselves, can do more than any verbal argument
you might make.

In that regard, Linux Libertine fonts (serif) are very attractive, and
totally free.


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