[Scribus] Thank You For Scribus

Jason Champion jchampion
Mon Apr 2 12:37:40 CEST 2007


I am the editor of All Possible Worlds, a quarterly magazine of science 
fiction and fantasy short stories.  I've been working with Scribus for 
about 4 months and I've recently released the first issue of the magazine.

When I started the project, I was using Scribus on Windows and 
the version sent to the printing company was completed with Scribus on Windows.  At first, there were a few glitches with the story 
editor and PDF generation, but these were all improved between the .3 
and .7 versions.  I received the premiere issue from the printer two 
weeks ago and it looks great, even better than I expected.

It hasn't been easy.  At first it's a little difficult to figure out the 
Scribus interface, but the Wiki does help.  Once you have the basics 
under control it really is great, and each version is better than the last.

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of Scribus.  I look 
forward to future versions.

Jason Champion
Editor, All Possible Worlds

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