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jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer
Thu Sep 28 23:36:12 CEST 2006

Herb wrote:
> Some day
> Scribus will
> have all (or most) of the features we all want and need (booklet
> printing,
> print to file, save as PS not EPS, etc ) Until then I'll use what I
> have.

To print to file, you should be able to go to the Windows Printer
and Fax control panel, right-click on the printer of choice, and
change the port to Print to File. I've never heard of Print to File
not being available if you select Print to File as your port.

I'm writing this in Linux, not Windows, so I can't check to make
sure I have all the terminology exact. But I do know that's what you
do to make sure Print to File is an option. When you hit the Print
command, you'll be asked for a file name. If you're using a
PostScript printer driver for printing to file, you'll get a PS
file, not an EPS. You don't need an actual PostScript printer, just
a PostScript printer driver.

One inexpensive program that can impose pages is ClickBook from
BlueSquirrel.com. I've used the program happily for years to make
booklets. I haven't sent them for commercial printing, however, nor
printed on 11x17 paper. They offer a free download for trying out
the product, so you can find out if it does what you want before you
plunk down your money.

Another program many people like is FinePrint. I haven't tried it.
It, along with other PDF-related products, is here:

One trick with ClickBook is that you should set up your pages at the
size you want the finished booklet's pages to be and select No
Scaling in ClickBook's options. In the past, some programs didn't
work very well with No Scaling. I don't know if that's the case with
the current version. I was fortunate in that the program I used it
with for serious booklet making worked perfectly with ClickBook.
It's also great when you want to print odds and evens from an
application that doesn't offer that option.
--Judy Miner

Registered Linux User #397786

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