[Scribus] Opening document created in Photoshop in Scribus

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Sep 28 07:40:58 CEST 2006

Eddie Johnson Jr wrote:
> Yes I am sure.  I know about pull-down menus for save as a psd and a host of other options!

No worries. I only asked because your comment that:

"then a screen pops ups in scribus an
ask if I want to save as a eps(converted) sla file"

... should only happen when Scribus has opened an EPS as a new document, 
AFAIK. In fact, I didn't think the current code even supported opening a 
PSD like that (rather than placing it on an image frame in an existing 
document). Your initial mention of the need to install GhostScript to 
work with these psd files also suggested they were really EPS files.

Anyway, if that possibility is excluded, it's hard to say what's going 
on without access to the problem file.

Craig Ringer

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