[Scribus] Freedom Yug tutorial

BandiPat magicpage91
Thu Sep 28 05:21:06 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> I've done more work on the tutorial version on the Wiki. (pages 8 and 9)
> Here's the start:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Get_Started_with_Scribus
> Please check it to make sure it makes sense. I think it's time to make a 
> link from one of the categories on the main Wiki page.
> Greg
> _______________________________________________
I'm going to play spoiler here for a moment.  I know you would expect
nothing less from me.  :-)

If the tutorial on the wiki was meant for users already familiar with
Scribus, you might have provided them some help with the tutorial.  If
you were trying to provide a tutorial for users, new or budding DTP
users or users that have tried to use the program, you've failed in your
attempt.  I won't say it sucks like dead rats through a garden hose, but
it fails to provide the info and sometimes correct info needed to help a
user learn about and use Scribus.

Knowing Scribus like you do, you probably are/were a bad choice to
provide a tutorial though.  Simply, because you've forgotten what it is
like to learn a program of this level of difficulty.  Your abilities
with the program are probably at a very high level, thus preventing you
from understanding the things needed to be covered and correctly, for
early users of the program.  You have to face the fact, Scribus, in it's
present state is a difficult program to learn and to use.  Many of the
questions that appear on this list are testimony of that fact.

Believe me when I say, I'm not trying to be rude or overly critical. 
It's just a tutorial, in my thoughts, is meant to help teach and
understand the correct use of something.  I don't believe this tutorial
meets that criteria yet.


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