[Scribus] Opening document created in Photoshop in Scribus

Plinnell mrdocs
Thu Sep 28 00:01:35 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 27 September 2006 23:04, Eddie Johnson Jr wrote:
> I created the file in Quark 4.1x saved it as an eps file.  Tried to
> open it in Scribus for windows and Ubuntu linux.  The eps
> file begins to open it reaches 2 blue bars @33% and I receive fatal
> error.  The importing file test.eps failed.

What was the error message ? If you run Scribus from the console on 
Ubuntu this should give us some hints. 

> I converted the eps file to sla and the document open blank.
> I open the file in Photoshop 6 and save it as a psd file.  I try to
> open this file in Scribus and I receive the same error.

This is the odd part, I rarely see PS 6 files fail on import. Can you 
file a bug on http://scribus.net and upload these ? If you wish to 
keep the files private, you can mark the bug private and only 
developers can see the bug and files.

> I open the file in CS2 9.0.1 (Photoshop) and save it as a psd file.
> I try to open this file in Scribus the converting bar reaches 90%
> and I receive one image (which is a tiff file) failed and then a
> screen pops ups in scribus an ask if I want to save as a
> eps(converted) sla file.  I give it a new name save it.  The box
> opens with a big X in the middle.

Also, one thing which improved EPS import is to have the latest 
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