[Scribus] Opening document created in Photoshop in Scribus

Eddie Johnson Jr ilo
Wed Sep 27 23:04:14 CEST 2006

I created the file in Quark 4.1x saved it as an eps file.  Tried to open it
in Scribus for windows and Ubuntu linux.  The eps file begins to
open it reaches 2 blue bars @33% and I receive fatal error.  The importing
file test.eps failed.

I converted the eps file to sla and the document open blank.

I open the file in Photoshop 6 and save it as a psd file.  I try to open
this file in Scribus and I receive the same error.

I open the file in CS2 9.0.1 (Photoshop) and save it as a psd file. I try to
open this file in Scribus the converting bar reaches 90% and I receive one
image (which is a tiff file) failed and then a screen pops ups in scribus an
ask if I want to save as a eps(converted) sla file.  I give it a new name
save it.  The box opens with a big X in the middle.

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On Wednesday 27 September 2006 22:08, Eddie Johnson Jr wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to open an already existing graphic photoshop file in
> scribus for Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu Dapper 6.06  and it is not
> working.
> I had to install ghostscript and activate it.
> I installed GSview plus Gimp and open the document and resaved it
> as a PS file with a different name
> I open the newly created file and the document size measurements
> appear but no graphics.
> Any suggestions,
> iloadmin

What version of Photoshop ? 

Scribus has *excellent* support for PSD saved to version 6 or older.


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