[Scribus] advanced booklet printing

Martin Tlustos martin_tlustos
Wed Sep 27 17:02:44 CEST 2006

my system is Suse 10.0 with the normal YOU updates, no big extras.
Could someone help me with this: I want to layout a booklet in A5 and print it 
in two versions: one for sending via email (without booklet reordering so it 
is easier to read on screen), one with booklet reordering (for printing). 

In the wiki I found the howto about booklet printing via kprinter. That works 
nice if I start with A4 pages, but I want to start with A5 and just reorder 
the pages so that when printed they come out like a booklet. I don't want to 
start with A4 because the bigger images will cause the pdf's to be much 
I hope I expressed myself clearly enough... Is there a way to do this?
Thank you for any help,

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