[Scribus] newsletter setup

Herbert Wohl, MD hwohl
Tue Sep 26 18:42:58 CEST 2006

I've been exploring the use of Scribus to set up an 8-page
newsletter, and finding it difficult. I currently use my ancient Corel
Ventura v8, and it can be done as follows:
set up a virtual printer, HP LAserJet 5200 PS
set up the pages in Ventura
select file, print, and select the above printer
select "layout" (in the options offered), signature layout as
"booklet", 1 signature per sheet
check "print to file" and select name and path
select save as PS file
Using the PS file saved, convert to PDF with Ghostcript, and it all
works well.
In Scribus, the same printer offers no option to print to file nor any
layout options as above. I've reviewed the archives re "booklet"
printing here, and in the extended discussion in Feb this year there
were some workarounds for this problem but none appeared suitable for
Windows XP. Hence it is not possible to use Scribus to prepare a
newsletter: strange for a modern DTP program. Does Scribus use its own
printer drivers, as the options are not the same as under Ventura?
What am I missing here? Any suggestions appreciated.

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