[Scribus] book chapter header layout

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Sep 20 18:48:12 CEST 2006

Noel Castro wrote:
>> That is why its always better to call it "Master Document" instead of a
>> template. I still remember that I was as confused as Noel when I tried
>> to do the same thing in version 1.2.3.
>> For now, think of the template pages as a background instead. Put
>> whatever is common on a few pages on a master document and apply it to
>> those pages.
>> HTH.
> Ok, so I'm not exactly sure how to create a "master document." I am
> trying to layout a short book that has a few chapters. I don't mind
> creating the toc by hand, but I'd like to have the pages to have a
> header which will contain the chapter title on one side and book title
> on the other, as well as the page number. Now, the page numbering isn't
> so much a problem, but I'm still not sure how to set scribus to layout
> the text boxes for a right and left page. so far, I have to do it one
> page at a time... every time I insert a page, I am asked which template
> to use, and then I still have to make each individual text box (one for
> the header, and one for the text body, rather tedious).
> I'm currently using scribus 1.2.X
Try this:

This is a bit of a work in progress to update this tutorial, which is 
why it's sort of secret. This part, about master pages, is mostly 
up-to-date to help you with that aspect.


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