[Scribus] Images losing quality in full view

Tom Hicks tom
Fri Sep 15 10:55:27 CEST 2006

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          "Alexis Bellido" <alexisbellido at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I want my PDF to show in full view when they are opened, like the PDF's
> from http://www.changethis.com/ . I import my images (created in Gimp) as
> PNG's to Scribus ( under Fedora Core 4) and then when exporting to
> Acrobat 7 Linux they look ok at 100%. But when I use full view the quality
> of the images is not the same.
> I've seen the PDF's from http://www.changethis.com/ look ok in full view. I
> opened my PDF in Acrobat 7 Windows and the full view looked better, but the
> colors desaturad (a problem I mention in another post in the list).
> Any ideas why my images in PDF full view are not looking as good in 100% in
> Acrobat?

First of all, make sure you are not re-sampling your images on pdf 
export, as this can cause problems. However, it is also important that 
the images you start with have enough detail in them for display at 
higher zooms, the guideline that most people use when working with 
scribus is 300dpi, note that the gimp defaults to much lower 90dpi as 
this has traditonaly been used for on-screen media e.g websites. 
However this can' cope with any zooming in on the image, for example 
for large screens or zoom to fit on pdf.
> Thanks!


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