[Scribus] Almost right -- problem with EPS export

Plinnell mrdocs
Wed Sep 13 22:30:23 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 21:41, Femke Snelting wrote:
> Dear list,
> I used Scribus for a contribution to an art magazine all done in
> Adobe In-Design and everything went well up until the last point:
> The printer requested EPS files and now we find out, that on some
> pages (of course those we did not test in advance...) images went
> missing.
> The trouble is, that I am working on Linux Ubuntu, and the designer
> of the magazine on Mac. He needs to open the files in Adobe
> Illustrator (which I don't have), but it seems that those pages
> with images running over two pages, create trouble.
> Strange: we can convert the EPS on both platforms (Mac/Linux) to
> PDF and end up with a correct lay-out.

Here is the question I have:

Why is the designer needing to open EPS files if you are capable 
providing print ready PDF files ? 

<rant mode on>
I personally would seriously question *anyone* laying out a complete 
magazine in an illustration tool. While you can do one off ads and 
single pages for print with Illustrator - it is *not* the preferred 
tool for this. This is where an application like Indesign or Scribus 
should be used.

I've seen more than one occasion where a 'designer' used to the web or 
doing graphic design move towards print not knowing all the 
subtleties of print. In one case, I remember pulling an all nighter 
to help a client meet a hard print deadline where we needed at the 
last moment to redo an entire magazine done in freehand.. 
<rant mode off>
Indesign can import any properly exported PDF from Scribus. I have yet 
to see it fail. 

Why? Indesign's PDF importer is superb and Scribus PDF's are highly 
conformant to PDF specs.

That said I downloaded all the files you linked and those EPS files 
are perfectly conforming to EPS specs as best as I can tell. GSview 
displays them with no errors displayed.

I'll test them later in Indesign and Illustrator myself.

> Following bug report 0003371 I tried to re-import page1.eps and
> page2.eps back into Scribus, and it gives this error message:
> Fatal Error
> Importing File:
> /home/fsnelting/... etc.
> failed!

I just took those two eps files and imported them into image frames 
and then rexported a PDF without issues.

EPS/PDF import with Scribus is highly dependent on the GS version you 
have installed.

> Maybe one of you recognises the problem? Is it true that pictures
> should not run over 2 pages? 

Not an issue the way they are exported from Scribus.
>Are there any settings to be done for
> EPS export? 

 Not in this case.

>Can you export multiple pages for example? 

Yes one EPS file per page. By definition an EPS file is only one page.

> I would much appreciate your ideas about what could be going on.
> Femke

More useful would be File > Collect for Output then upload that.  
Scribus files do not embed the images - by design they are linked to 
the file.

More info would be helpful and you can feel free to join IRC if you 
want to discuss this in detail.

See: http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=irc

Hope that helps,

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