[Scribus] Almost right -- problem with EPS export

Femke Snelting snelting
Wed Sep 13 21:41:13 CEST 2006

Dear list,

I used Scribus for a contribution to an art magazine all done in Adobe 
In-Design and everything went well up until the last point:

The printer requested EPS files and now we find out, that on some pages 
(of course those we did not test in advance...) images went missing.

The trouble is, that I am working on Linux Ubuntu, and the designer of 
the magazine on Mac. He needs to open the files in Adobe Illustrator 
(which I don't have), but it seems that those pages with images running 
over two pages, create trouble.
Strange: we can convert the EPS on both platforms (Mac/Linux) to PDF and 
end up with a correct lay-out.

Following bug report 0003371 I tried to re-import page1.eps and 
page2.eps back into Scribus, and it gives this error message:

Fatal Error
Importing File:
/home/fsnelting/... etc.

Maybe one of you recognises the problem? Is it true that pictures should 
not run over 2 pages? Are there any settings to be done for EPS export? 
Can you export multiple pages for example?

I would much appreciate your ideas about what could be going on.


Low-res PDF for reference:

Scribus file:

EPS file page1 (correct) and page2 (incorrect):

Screenshot of what designer sees on his Mac:

Celebrating to soon ;-):

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