[Scribus] Getting text problem and changing master page

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Sep 13 13:02:29 CEST 2006

Alexis Bellido wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to Scribus coming from Adobe InDesign.
> I have one observation and two questions. First the observation.
> I created a text frame and then used Get Text (ctrl+d) to insert text 
> from an OpenOffice 2.0 archive, just a couple of pages of simple text. 
> Everything worked normally but the text didn't appear.
> After some trials I noticed that the directory where I had my OpenOffice 
> file had a "?" in its name (I'm working in Spanish), when I removed the 
> "?" in the directory name everything worked normally. Had anybody notice 
> this?

No, but it's not too surprising. Scribus has had some really serious 
encoding handling bugs in it for a long time. Between the various team 
members we've fixed quite a lot of them but it's likely that more are 
still lurking.

The chances are that Scribus is doing something silly when passing the 
file name to the operating system so that characters outside the 127-bit 
US-ASCII range may be mangled. This is a bug; Scribus uses a toolkit 
that has unicode support throughout, and  all its supported platforms 
support Unicode file names (though Linux is sometimes configured to use 
only 256-bit latin-1 or some other encoding instead).

What version of Scribus are you using? On what platform? If Linux, 
what's the output of the "locale" command when run from the command line?

Craig Ringer

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