[Scribus] Getting text problem and changing master page

Alexis Bellido alexisbellido
Wed Sep 13 02:52:35 CEST 2006

Hi, I'm new to Scribus coming from Adobe InDesign.

I have one observation and two questions. First the observation.

I created a text frame and then used Get Text (ctrl+d) to insert text from
an OpenOffice 2.0 archive, just a couple of pages of simple text. Everything
worked normally but the text didn't appear.

After some trials I noticed that the directory where I had my OpenOffice
file had a "?" in its name (I'm working in Spanish), when I removed the "?"
in the directory name everything worked normally. Had anybody notice this?

Now my first question.

I have a new document and it's created with one page, I put a text frame for
page number and one rectangle with a background color and then convert to
master page.

Then I add a few more pages using this master page. If I later decide to
change something in the master page, for example the background color of my
rectangle shape, the changes happen in all the pages but not in the first
one, the one that was used to create the master page.

I have checked and this first page is already using the master page. Why the
change is not being applied there?

My second question is about using editable text frames from master pages. In
Adobe InDesign you can use a text frame from a master template and when you
insert text you can link thru all the pages using those text frames.

I read somewhere in the list that Scribus had only read only master pages.
Does this mean I have to create "manually" each text frame in each page? Or
is there any way to create a text frame in one page and then get many pages
of text from OpenOffice and automatically create and link to text frames in
many pages?

Scribus rocks and I'm happy to be using it for my next project. Thank you
for such a great work guys!

Alexis Bellido
http://www.mumobo.com - music, movies and books reviews
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