[Scribus] ScribusAqua don't recognize mac type1 fonts

Pep pep.bernat
Sat Sep 9 19:22:54 CEST 2006


> what Scribus says about those rejected fonts? Scribus prints out list 
> of all
> considered fonts on startup.

When Scribus ( start up the console message's  for all type1 
mac font says "the font is brokent, discarting it". These fonts are in 
the directory /Users/Jo/Library/Fonts. All these fonts wok on Mac OS X 
with programs like QuarkXpress, Indesing, Inkscape, Freehand or 

I will be useful for to be grateful for the excellent work that Scribus 
team are doing and especially for the Scribus port to Mac OS X.

Best regards


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