[Scribus] some concerns / making scribus better

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Sat Sep 9 09:23:38 CEST 2006

> One other way to solve this would be to constrain Scribus to create 
> any frame using the mouse to a position that has only integer. So, 
> when you release the mouse, no more 3,058 cm offset but 3,0 cm. 

Yes, that is what I mean, but when using inches you do not want it to remove all fractions and round to an integer. And for some users a full mm is good. For others 2 mm will do, while still others might need 0,5 mm. So it should be configurable.

> Then 
> it's up to the user to move this frame around... and use the arrows 
> for /fine tuning/.

The arrows do work for fine tuning now, but yes, maybe the steps could be configurable and it might be good with different sizes of steps. But at some stage moving the object with the mouse becomes easier then nudging it in place, and at some stage entering numbers become easier than nudging it in place.

Remember, what people do most often needs to be simple, what people do less often can be more complicated.

For example I think the major use for nudging items with arrow keys is to move them to a place where it LOOKS good. You place the object and see "Oh no, this looks bad, I have to move it a little bit" and then ju nudge it a bit (that's why it's called nudge:-). Nudging is not tha same as moving.

If you are just going to align two objects to the same value a simple copy and paste of the numbers seem a far better solution. or why not use a meny command like "Align - > Left edges".

I think what you are suggesting gets closer to "replacing moving things with the mouse with arrow key modifiers" and I'm not sure that is needed.


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