[Scribus] some concerns / making scribus better

Gerhard Gaußling ggnewsletter
Fri Sep 8 14:27:38 CEST 2006

Am Dienstag, 5. September 2006 02:57 schrieb Christoph Sch?fer:
> > 3.: I want to paste text directly on the workspace, not to first
> > make an textbox and paste it in there.
> > it should use the standard font and font size selected.
> This is _not_ a good idea. I think we have discussed this issue at
> least a dozen times. Use text frames. Period. It will help you to
> keep your pages structured. That doesn't mean there should be no more
> advanced features of text frame creation. I advise you to check the
> bug tracker and the archives for previous discussions and
> acknowledged feature requests.

In InDesign you can introduce a new textframe by clicking with the text 
cursor on the workspace or page. You can also make up a Textframe by 
clicking with the text cursor on the workspace, hold it, and drag the 
cursor diagonal to define the dimensions of the new text frame. After 
the click begin writing - text. Simply as this concept is, you can 
alternatively introduce a new text frame by activate the text frame 
tool and click and dracg the pointer to define the dimensions. Then 
click to activate the text tool, click into the new frame and start 
writing text - not as conveniant like the first option I explained. The 
concept sticks with text frames as objects that holds text.

If you click with the select tool into the text frame you can 
automaticaly change it into an image/object frame, and load with STRG+D 
new images. The text frame becames an image frame. Actually I don't 
know if this works also with text frames that contains already some 
text, though.

I think this is really a workflow oriented concept, and the real meaning 
of this point in the OP's posting.

Just my two cents.

Gerhard Gau?ling

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