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Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
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Craig Bradney a ?crit :
> On Thursday 07 September 2006 20:24, Dave Crossland wrote:
>>On 05/09/06, Adrianna Pinska <adrianna.pinska at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>My point is that the ability to manoeuvre the object with arrows would
>>>become much more useful if it also included an option to jump to round
>>I agree and think that this would be an excellent feature for novice
> This is in the end not very difficult, but what shortcut key would be 
> appropriate? And when rounding, how?

Hi Craig,

Just looked up in QXP 6.5 and ID 4 (CS2).

None of them has that "round to next integer" feature.

ID lets the user set the jump value for the arrow key in the
Preferences, Quark doesn't but allows a key combination to access
decimal units. The arrow jump in Quark is 1pt. When you change the units
in the Prefs, (say to inches or centimeters) the jump value is
inconsistent : eg. in cm the arrow jumps from 3.035 cm to 3,071 cm to
3,106 cm

My view on this is when it comes to set a frame's position, we use the
tab key to navigate through the fields, entering the value we need when
on the field.

(Ooops. Sorry! I hit the send button by error)

What I would suggest is the following.

In the Prefs, add a field to set the arrow jump to a fixed value.
Add a check box near that field to "Round to next integer".
The way I would expect this to work is as soon as you check the 
"Round... " and considering you have entered a jump that makes that 
possible (,25 or ,5 for instance) you'll always end up to consistent 
values while you hit the arrows.

As always, there might be a better way. :)



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