[Scribus] Good Book for Newby Designer?

Peter Dinnan pral
Mon Sep 4 02:53:37 CEST 2006

As well as those already mentioned; Exploring Typography by Tova
Rabinowitz is well worth having a look at.

It's a recent release (Feb this year) and as well as typography
exploration it goes into depth with design, page/grid layouts and a
whole lot more (visual gestalt for example).

Each chapter begins by listing the chapter objectives and concludes with
a summary plus assignments with the aim to build a coherent working
knowledge leading from one chapter to the next.

...one of the best books for page layout design/typography newbies I've


On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 10:55 +0100, Tony Cowderoy wrote:
> I've used Scribus 1.3 to produce my company's brochure this year.  I'm 
> an occasional user of DTP and not a professional designer.  Using 
> Scribus has made me begin to realise just how little I know about visual 
> design.
> Can anyone recommend a good book on design, in English, suitable for a 
> beginner who knows quite a lot about software but not much about 
> professional design?  I don't want a "how to design with package X" 
> book.  I want one that is about design, not software and I'm looking for 
> something that starts with basic principles but also goes into quite a 
> lot of depth.  Any suggestions?
> Tony Cowderoy
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